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Sally Powell

Book Keeper

Sally Powell I am so grateful to be a forgiven child of God, continuously wrapped in His mercy. Faith, family, friends. My faith sustains me, I love my family deeply and freely, grabbing as much time as I can with them. I value my friends, thankful for their support and companionship. I love my church, my church family and the wonderful staff that I work with. Throughout my life God has shown up in the big things and so so many of the little things, teaching me patience and perseverance and while I’m sure I have disappointed Him many times He has never disappointed me.

I love this earth that God has created and my faith is renewed with sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, rainstorms and the first new snow. I am inspired by my family and friends, their love and their laughter. I especially enjoy seeing old things through the eyes of my younger grandchildren and am often reminded of the Louis Armstrong song, "What a Wonderful World".

Many people would be surprised to learn that as a young woman in my 30’s I worked for a company that rented heavy-duty construction equipment, during which time I learned how to drain and replace the hydraulic systems on an articulating boom lift and fork lift!

 SPowell@highpointccop.com  904-272-7949 X 104